How To Monitor Facebook Chat

Monitoring Facebook Chat - the effective way for parents and employeesMany individuals and businesses have a need to monitor Facebook chat messages. If you’re a parent, you may wish to see what your child is talking about with friends. You might also want to know if they are talking with complete strangers. A degree of parental control is vital.

And too many employees spend too long on Facebook instead of working. Not only wasting time, but also potentially exposing their employer to legal risks and sharing inappropriate information through Facebook messages.

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Whatever your intentions are, you need an effective solution for monitoring Facebook, and recording Facebook messages sent from the computer you own. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Obtain the user’s Facebook login and password, and access their account to view messages.
  2. Install  monitoring software to monitor the user’s internet activity.

Using someone’s login and password to access their Facebook account without their consent is illegal and not always possible. On the other hand you can monitor their Facebook chat by monitoring their computer activity, which is perfectly legal if you monitor children or adults and let them know they are being monitored.

Monitor Facebook Chat

GigaWatch gives you the best way to monitor Facebook chat messages.

GigaWatch is one of the many computer and internet monitoring programs, but unlike many other software monitoring solutions, it provides you with the ability to monitor Facebook chats, even when users enable “Secure browsing” on their account.

Among many other features, GigaWatch monitors Facebook two-way chat communication. It will show which account the user was logged into, and sort all inbound and outbound messages by date for convenient checking and browsing. This is the most advanced Facebook chat monitoring solution.

Free trial of GigaWatch - the software solution for monitoring Facebook

7-day Free Trial

GigaWatch also includes a wide variety of other features including recording keystrokes typed, taking screenshots, monitoring applications usage, parental control or viewing visited sites. It is constantly updated and new features are added all the time.

We encourage you to give it a try and download the 7-day Free Trial today.

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About Kuba: Kuba Grecki is the creator of GigaWatch computer monitoring software. His greatest passion is creating applications related to computer security for people around the world. A young self-taught indie software developer from Poland. You can follow him on twitter (@gigawatch)

4 Thoughts on “How To Monitor Facebook Chat

  1. Wow, it looks really helpful, especially nowadays when every child has internet access and we can’t control them!

  2. concernedmom on February 21, 2014 at 19:08 said:

    recently have had trouble with my teen daughter,in relation to illegal activity with an adult male boyfriend and had to take her cell phone, ban her from things like KiK and other sites where they were using the sites to sext. i have banned her from using Facebook chat but have caught her messaging this male using facebooks inbox, i’m trying your program to see if that helps in my quest to further protect my daughter. i have just downloaded this today, and trying it out with my own Facebook page, i notice it doesn’t monitor the inbox, only have screenshots which will help for my purposes, and i guess there are the keystroke but is it possible to monitor the inbox on Facebook as well? and can i clear the screenshots and other info after I’ve reviewed it, so i can keep track of what I’ve seen and what i haven’t?

  3. concernedmom on February 22, 2014 at 18:18 said:

    Any plans to add android devices to the program so phones and tablets can also be monitored?

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